High Glycemic Foods

High glycemic foods are those that cause unacceptable glycemic impact when consumed in anything approaching a "normal" serving size. The regular inclusion of significant amounts of such foods can readily defeat efforts aimed at weight loss, even when such efforts include regular exercise.

It is important to note that as used herein, the term "high glycemic" specifically refers to glycemic load - NOT glycemic index.

Why? Because glycemic load is the better metric of real-world glycemic impact (effect on blood sugar) of a given food, since it takes into account portion size as well as the glycemic index.

List of High Glycemic Foods: Avoid These Options

Eliminating (or at least drastically reducing) the use of high glycemic foods is a major underlying principle of the low glycemic dietary regime.

The main kinds of foods to particularly avoid include (by category) the following:

1. Foods Rich In Highly Processed Carbohydrates:

2. Sugar Sweetened Beverages:

3. Desserts Rich in Sugar and/or Flour

4. Processed/Concentrated Fruit Products

Other "Avoid Foods"

Low GI dieters should be aware that some foods are NOT "high glycemic", but also should be avoided by dieters.

Among the most common of such weight-loss "troublemakers" are:

Going light on these foods will generally facilitate weight loss on any nutritionally balanced diet.

(Updated October 13, 2017.)

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