Ezekiel Breads: A Low Glycemic Alternative

Ezekiel breads (including English muffins) are flourless, sprouted grain breads packed with hearty nutrition. These products are one of the few widely available ways to enjoy bread products that are well suited to a low glycemic lifestyle.

Ezekiel breads come in a number of varieties, prepared from varying combinations of fresh organic sprouted grains and legumes including wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet and spelt.

While they are not gluten-free, the gluten content is relatively low compared to most bread products and - used in moderation - should not be problematic for most consumers who normally avoid gluten but do not suffer from celiac disease.

Our Recommendation

All Ezekiel bread products are nutritious low glycemic foods, but one in particular is a real standout for texture and flavor as well - the 7-grain English muffins.

This product is naturally low in fat, and contains substantial very high-quality, complete vegetable protein. It is also rich in fiber and boasts plentiful vitamins and minerals.

The glycemic index of Ezekiel breads and English muffins is only about 35, low by any standards. One English muffin (or two slices of bread) has a glycemic load of only about 9.

Ezekiel bread
Ezekiel English muffin - a low glycemic bread alternative.

Each Ezekiel English muffin also provides about 26 grams of available carbohydrate (with no sugar), 8 grams of protein, over 5 grams of dietary fiber, and only 2 grams of fat (zero added trans fat or cholesterol).

Availability and Use

You can likely find frozen Ezekiel breads tucked away in a corner of the frozen foods section at your local supermarket. If not, try your local health food store.

IMPORTANT! As with all Ezekiel bread products, toasting is a "must"! Because they have been frozen, un-toasted slices lack the texture and flavor you really want in a bread.

Give Ezekiel breads a try - you won't be sorry. They are really the perfect answer to the low glycemic dieter's wish for a quick, satisfying and very healthy, anytime-dose of high-quality carbs with little fuss.

(Updated October 13, 2017.)

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